You’ve found the place where my labours find solace. Consider this an index of my work. Collection I 01 is a small set of commisioned and colloborative fashion and object images. Collection II 02 is a small set of photo-journalist work and documentary portraits. Both of these first two collections also exist as prints in my portfolio box. This work for Monos 03 was made while in Cabo San Lucas, it immediately preceeded a mexican border authority fiasco that had them nearly confiscating my cameras. Throughout the last few years, Kotn04 had asked me to direct campaign videos for them, and on every one of those long set days I was fed and caffienated, and grapes were always available to snack on. I’ve been working on a creative project for EETY 05, featuring their Handcrafted Basket Bags, alongside the brilliant minds of Marlowe Munn, Clarke Blaire, Studio Rat, George Rivard, Nyda Kawiskowa, Sayaka Mur, and Thom Emberton. Natalie Franke is a friend who graciously agreed to sit for me in my studio one day, the resulting series would be so macabre, it deserved the retrospective title ‘Franke Stein 06.Finally, I’ll put here a collection of my friend Sayaka, who now lives in Tokyo, made throughout the course of last summer in Toronto: Sayaka through Summer 07. I’ve created a seperate collection which is a short portfolio of video work, for now i’ll call this collection Video Eight, because there are no photos here, and only videos, and because it is the eighth collection on this site. If you’d like to see some of that video work, you can find it here: /VIDEO08

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